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Business Safari


Kenya lies along the equator. On the southeast is the coastal region and on the east lies Somalia. Ethiopia is at the North, Sudan to the Northwest and to the west lies Uganda. At the southwest border of the country is Lake Victoria and the southern side is Tanzania. Kenya comprises of scenic highlands and lake regions, pristine bushes, the Great Rift Valley and magnificent mountainous regions. Doing business safari in Kenya is fun at times. While doing business safari in Kenya, finding a perfect venue is always on top of your wishes. A right venue can turn a good event into a great event. If you want to hire meeting rooms, Kenya is always ready to provide suitable venues where you can have a tight schedule.

Business safari in Kenya provide free venue finding services which is designed to give you the necessary access to the best Kenya local knowledge and experts and save you money and time that you would use in planning a meeting. When on your business safari in Kenya you will get the best accommodation sites whereby the hotels tend to include the morning and evening tea with some snacks and papers and pens incase of meetings. In most cases one is charged for the lunch and then the conference room is given free. Business safari in Kenya is ranked among the top in Africa the reason being that it provides conference facilities of international standards and other services.

Victoria safari provides an appropriate location for the business safari in Kenya. It provides venue for your business conference, books the premises for you and the group, arranges for appropriate lodge and hotel accommodation and also provides services like transportation of the delegates and the employees to and from the venue. When in a business safari in Kenya you can be able to visit the coast in luxurious resorts with wildlife sanctuaries and the Victoria safari is able to provide all this to the client. The management teams ensure that your event runs smoothly, the delegates are transported from their lodges on schedule and that all the equipments are working and are in perfect order.

When on a business safari in Kenya, Kenya international conference centre is one of the areas where you can hold your conference which is currently holding various international conferences. When in a business safari in Kenya you can incorporate a small holiday and do abit of traveling. The tour may be organized conveniently around your travel schedule. In kenya there are most of exciting adventures with a vast number of wildlife, sunny beaches and lots of luxury that are not found in other places. During your business safari in Kenya to break from the business environment you can visit the coast which is a popular tourist attraction site where you can engage in activities like water sports, water surfing, skiing and many other activities.

When in the business safari in Kenya you can travel upcountry where you will get a chance of touring the national parks and see various types of wildlife. The wildlife includes elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, wild beast and many other types of animals and almost 1090 varieties of birds. Business safari in Kenya is the best place where you will get to enjoy the many tourist attraction sites and also enjoy your business experience.