Masai Mara- Africa greatest wildlife

Masai Mara is known as the Africa greatest wildlife reserve situated in southwest Kenya, and one of the top world tourist attraction site. Masai Mara was founded by the Kenyan colonial government who declared the western side of Mara a national wildlife reserve in 1948. It was a wildlife sanctuary which covered an area of 520 km2. The size of the reserve was later increased to 1,821 km2 in 1961 and was converted to a game reserve. The national reserve is about 1500-2170 meters above the sea level. Masai Mara wildlife reserve lies about 270km from Nairobi. It is approximately 4 to 5 hours from Nairobi by road and 45 minutes by flight. There are flights which are scheduled from Wilson airport Nairobi, twice a day. The easternmost area is 224km from Nairobi which is mostly preferred by the tourists. The reserve is about 1500km2 as it was reduced from 1670km2 in 1964. The Masai Mara national reserve is the northern most part of the Mara Serengeti ecosystem which is 2500km2 in Kenya and Tanzania. It is surrounded by the Serengeti Park to the west, Siria escarpment on the north and Maasai pastoralists to the north, west and east.
Masai Mara National reserve

The reserve has a large dispersal area which extends on the north and east area of the Masai Mara national reserve. In the dispersal area lives the Maasai communities, who live with their herds and there have been a very good relationship between the wildlife and people as they have been living with peace. The climate in Masai Mara is moderate; it is neither hot nor too cold. The rainfall is spread throughout the year and it only rains during the night or late afternoon.

Masai Mara has been one of the tourist attraction sites, which attracts tourist throughout the year as it has abundant wildlife and the hilly grassland and seasonal rivers which ensures that the animals are not out of sight. The area around the Mara River is forested which gives a home to several species of birds. Different species of birds are also found in the area as 450 species of bird has been recorded with approximately 57 of them being predators. The reserve holds more than 59 species of mammals. During July and august there is a great wildebeests migration, which moves from Serengeti national park in Tanzania. Zebra, Topi and Thomson Gazelle migrate into the reserve from Serengeti plains and from the Loita plains in ranches on the north-east from July to October. This is the best time and the most impressive event in the whole world as: with approximately 1300000 wildebeests, 50000 Thomson gazelles, 200000 zebras, 18000elands and 97000 Topi migrating to look for green pastures in Masai Mara. This migration is always followed by the hungry animals like hyena and lions. All members of the big five are also found in the Masai Mara national reserve; leopard, lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros and buffalo. Hippopotamus and crocodiles are also found in the Talek and Mara rivers. Hyena, leopards, cheetah, bat-eared foxes and jackals are also found in Masai Mara national reserve. The plains between the Siria escarpment and Mara River are the best viewing sites for the cheetah and the lion. Wildebeests are the most populated animal in the Masai Mara national reserve with their number approximated to millions. Gazelles, impalas, elands and large herds of Zebras are also found in the reserve.
Masai culture

The surrounding area of the masai Mara national reserves live the masai communities who are well known for their culture; the way they dress, their large herd of cattle and also there appearance. The most prominent activity in the area is the balloon safaris. Where by the activity is done daily, and once in the air, it makes it easy for the tourists to view the animals between maintains and along the rivers.

There are also game drivers, walking safaris outside the reserve with Maasai guides; and cultural tours with the Maasai where the tourists learn more about the Masai culture. Entertainment by the Masai community is still offered as this has been one of the tourist attraction activities in the area. Masai Mara has several camps and hotels where the tourists stay which are of very high class. The services are accommodative and the security is adequate. Being in Masai Mara you are ever secure as the management has employed very extensive security measures. The area is not crowded as there are many animals to view. Masai Mara is one of the Africa’s romantic places where you need to pay a visit and have an adventure.