Mombasa as a Tourist attraction Site

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi. The city is located near the Indian Ocean. It is situated on Mombasa Island which is separated from the mainland by the Tudor creek and Kilindini harbor. The city is approximately 295 km2 and has a population of about 939,370 according to 2009 census results. Moreover, the city is 50M above sea level. The distance from Nairobi to Mombasa is approximately 487 kilometers. The population in the city has changed for the last few years. This is mainly due to the high number of immigrants and traders who have settled there. The city was originally occupied by the Swahili, Muslims and Mijikenda people, but the composition of the population has changed as other tribes and races live there. Examples of other races and tribes that occupy the city are Arabs, Chinese, Europeans and Indians. Mombasa has had different people coming through it and leaving their cultural heritage behind as it is one of the major gateways of East Coast of Africa. The Arabs, Muslims and Indians have influenced activities in the coast through their cultural beliefs and tradition. The Arabs and Muslims have influenced architecture in the region. In addition, Muslims have influenced construction of mosques and temples in the coastal region for the last 200 years. The European also influenced the cultural activities, beliefs and traditions during the colonial period. The European influence is evident in the beachfronts.

Largest port in East Africa

Mombasa is the largest port in East Africa and the main tourist centre in Kenya. The location of the town near the Indian Ocean, availability of infrastructure and tourist sites has contributed a lot to the tourist attraction in the area. Road and Air transport in the region has made it easy for foreign tourists and local tourists to acess different tourist’s sotes in the region. The Moi international airport is the largest airport in the city.

Airport has been renovated and new terminals constructed so as to increase the number of passengers using the airport and also the number of large flights. As a result, the number of flights from Europe and other countries has increased and hence the number of tourists visiting the region. Moreover, the number of local tourists visiting various tourist areas in the coast has increased. The increase is attributed to the renovation of the Moi international Airport. Apart from Air transport, the road transport has contributed to increase in number of tourists visiting the coastal region. Most of the roads in the town are tarmacked and this has made it easy for tourists to move from one area to another. The major roads include Jomo Kenyata Avenue, Digo road, Moi Avenue and Mama Ngina drive. Other main roads are Nairobi highway and Nkrumah road.

Mombasa is distinct from other cities in the country like Nairobi because of its tourist attraction sites. The city has stunning beaches that stretch from the North coasts and South coasts like Nyali beach, Kenyata beach and Diani beach. In addition, the cultural activities and historical sites also act as tourist attraction sites. Examples of historical sites include Fort Jesus and the Old Town. Fort Jesus hold artifacts from when the city was a shipment port for slave trade. There are torture rooms and cells and other displays that were used in the 16th century. The Bombolulu workshops also act as tourist attraction sites. The workshops were established in 1969 to serve people who were physically disabled. The workshops have more than 150 disabled workers who make jewelry, textiles and leather crafts. The Hindu temples in Mombasa also serve as tourist attraction centers. The temples have cultural paintings, idols and even artifacts. The old town is located near Fort Jesus. The historic center has various restaurants and shops that serve tourists visiting the area.
Water Parks and Cinemas

There are various entertainments offered in the Northern part of the city like water parks and cinemas. Apart from entertainment sports and nature walks are common in the North. Examples of sports include water sports, horse riding and mountain biking. Lastly, the luxury hotels have made the town unique. There are numerous luxury hotels located on the beaches mentioned above. The hotels offer a wide range of foods from India, Italy, and Kenya etc.

The Chinese Galaxy is the most visited restaurant in the city. The restaurant offers Chinese delicacies. It also offers house specialties like ginger crab, garlic chicken and Satay or sizzler dishes. Additionally, Tamarind is the most popular restaurant among tourists. The restaurant provides freshly caught seafood and nightlife entertainment. Apart from the restaurants mentioned above, there are other restaurants like POA restaurant and Blue room restaurant. The POA restaurant and Grill offers different specialties from different countries including China, Thailand, Germany and even Italy. It also offers seafood. The Blue room resultant offers Indian dishes. Lastly, there are various entertainment spots in the city and North coast. The most common entertainment spot in the city is the Tembo entertainment plaza which is located in the North Coast. The Tembo entertainment Plaza is made up of 6 different outlets and attractions. Examples of the outlets include the Tembo disco and the comfy lounge which is designed well to meet tourist needs. The entertainment spots, the restaurants and the attraction sites have contributed a lot to tourism activities in the city and hence economic activities in the area.
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