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Why You Should Visit Aberdare National Park

Aberdare national park is a fascinating region and it is part of the Aberdare ranges. It came to existence on May 1950 with its main objective being to protect the forested moors and the slopes of the great Aberdare Mountains. Aberdare national park covers an area of 766 square kilometers and it is located 100 kilometers north of Nairobi. The attitude of the park ranges between 2100meters and 3400 meters above sea level.

Aberdare national park has a wide range of landscapes from the mountain peaks to their deep v shaped valleys which are overlapped by rivers, streams and waterfalls. Moorland, rain forest and bamboo forests are found at lower attitudes. The park is accessible on tarmac from Naromoru and Nyeri on the eastern side and it has 60 kilometers primary roads and 396 kilometers secondary roads. Aberdare national park road network is adequate though the visitors are advised to use a 4 wheel drive during the wet seasons.

The natural world that can be easily observed in Aberdare national park are the baboons, leopards, lions, white and black colobus monkeys and plus Sykes monkeys. Some other animals that can be spotted are golden cat and the bongo which is a beautiful forest antelope which lives in the bamboo forest. In the moorland you can see animals like the eland and servals cats. Aberdare national park is a wonderful place where you can view birds.

It takes pride in over 250 species of birds which include goshawks, Aberdare cisticola, sunbirds, sparry hawks, Jackson Francolin and eagles. Buffaloes dominate and proliferate the grasslands; there are African elephants, bushbucks, warthogs, duikers and waterbucks. Aberdare national park is well endowed with leopards, giant forest hogs and black rhinos which is one of the biggest populations of endangered animals in the country.

Visitors who visit Aberdare national park will find different types of accommodation according to the preference that they like which ranges from tree top tree house lodge, to the ark which is built in the shape of Noah’s ark and three self help banda sites. Aberdare national park provides eight special campsites and a public campsite that is located in the moorland. The Ark and the tree tops are built above the ground beside floodlit waterholes with salt licks.

During the night the Ark offers better game viewing and nocturnal game viewing is taken very seriously in such a way that there is a bell alarm in each and every room which sounds when an unusual animal turns up at the waterhole. Lodges in Aberdare national park are one of the chief attractions to the park. There are a couple of accommodation options which are higher up although they tend to be more basic. They include sapper hut, tusk camp and fishing camp and they are booked through the Kenya wildlife service.

The activities in Aberdare national park are trekking and hiking, mountain biking. Due to the high altitudes, the park is a good place to perfect your mountain biking skills while you are watching the awesome sights of the wildlife and the breath taking landscape. Fly fishing is also possible the ice cold crystal clear streams in the park offer anglers an opportunity to catch exotic species of brown and rainbow trout. For those people who enjoy picnicking outside, Aberdare national park offers five excellent picnic sites.