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Why Should One Visit Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve?

Arabuko sokoke forest reserve is one of the many tourist attractions Kenya has to offer containing a beautiful and breath taking scenario of a great forest, spectacular flora and fauna. The Arabuko sokoke forest reserve is occupying around 420 sq km of the coastal forest in Kenya. This forest is managed by the Kenya Forest service or the KFS. Due to this great regard with which the Arabuko Sokoke Forest reserve is held with, the reserve is one of the largest and most intact forests along the coast in the entire east Africa.

A visit to the forest is worth the while as there are many tree and lots of flora worth appreciating and offering environmental protection. The Arabuko sokoke forest reserve is also home to about 20 percent of Kenya’s bird species and about 30 percent butterfly species. Again, the Arabuko sokoke forest reserve homes approximately 24 bird, Mammal and butterfly species which are rare and endemic for the lovers of nature and the environment, a visit to the Arabuko sokoke forest reserve will be one great source of intellectual knowledge to supplement the knowledge on environment and flora that one has. Again, this visit will be one memorable time of a lifetime since no where else in the entire world will such flora and rare fauna be found except in the Arabuko sokoke forest reserve.

In addition, being located at the Kenyan coast makes it a strategic since after the long and tiring day in the reserve, there is room and time to enjoy in the breeze filled beaches in one of the many luxurious hotels or cottages along the Kenyan coast. The accommodation along the Kenyan coast is great and within all budget ranges and all one has to do is just make a choice.

The Arabuko sokoke forest reserve harbors very many attractions which include animals, plants, areas of special interest and other activities. The plants in Arabuko sokoke forest reserve include mixed forests with species like the Hymenaea verrucosa and Manikara sansibarensis being the most dominant.

In the Arabuko sokoke forest reserve mixed forest there is also dense tropical vegetation which brings in the feeling of being in the woods. Other plant type in the Arabuko sokoke forest reserve includes the Bracystegia dominated woodlands, and the Cynometra dominated thickets and forests.

The reserve is also home to animals like 49 reptile and 25 amphibian species, around 270 bird species, and 40 recorded mammal species which include the African Elephant, African buffalo, yellow baboons and bush baby among others. apart from the spectacular flora and fauna, the Arabuko sokoke forest reserve has lots of activities to offer like forest walks and drives, cycling, camping, picnicking and birds and butterfly watching.

Areas of special interests include seasonal pools which offer a beautiful view, bird eye view made possible by two tree platforms, Nyali viewpoint, the Mida Creek at the entrance of the Arabuko sokoke forest reserve and many more. All one has to do is to make a date with the destination and have this breath taking and eye catching experience upon visiting the place.

Being a forest reserve, any visitor is advised to take caution when visiting by ensuring that they are in warm comfortable shoes to walk around with, binoculars, and picnic and camping equipments just to make the best out of this visit. Again, all visitors are advised to heed to the important things which will be outlined to them before the commencement of the visit.