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Why should one Visit Arewale National Reserve

One should visit Arewale National Reserve because it is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Kenya. The reserve is found in the north Eastern part of the country and is under the management of the Garissa County with the help of the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Arewale National Reserve is situated in the Southern part of Garissa town and covers a total are of about 533 square kilometers. The Western part of Arewale National Reserve is bordered by the River Tana while to the Eastern side is the Garissa-Lamu road.

Arewale National Reserve was gazetted in the year 1974 as the only conservatory place for the Hirola population that is critically extinct and a mainly endemic to the South-Western part of Somalia and the North Eastern part of Kenya.

Another great reason why one should visit Arewale National Reserve is the wide range of wildlife that the reserve hosts. There is a wide range of wildlife species such as the four species of wildlife that are globally endangered. These are theAfrican Wild dog, Hirola, Cheetah and the Grevy’s Zebra. This alone is a reason enough for one to consider visiting the reserve.

According to a study that was commissioned in the year 2006 by the Terra Nova, Arewale National Reserve showed signs of hosting the African Elephant. Another species that one is likely to see at the reserve is the Hunter’s hartebeest, an antelope that is closely related to the Topi. This antelope is also referred to as the Hirola, and is the most endangered antelope across the globe.

The reduction of this species is accounted for by increased drought, poaching, human and livestock pressures as well as wildlife diseases. Other additional species that the Arewale National Reserve hosts include African Buffalos, Crocodiles, Hippos, Lesser Kudus, Zebras, Topi, Elephants and the African Buffalos.

Being located in the North Eastern part of the country, the climate experienced at Arewale National Reserve is dry. Visitors should therefore dress in clothing suitable for dry and hot weather during the day and slightly cold conditions at night. The landscape surrounding the reserve is mainly dry thorn-bush savanna. Additionally, there are no accommodations inside Arewale National Reserve. This implies that the reserve has neither tented camps nor lodges.

The closest hotels are located to Garissa in the Northern side and Garsen, in the southern part of the reserve. It is however important to keep in mind that both towns are far away from Arewale National Reserve. This means that the most recommendable option for tourists is camping. The reserve has a landscape that is suitable for camping. It is also advisable for visitors to use four-wheel drive, owed to the fact that the roads of Arewale National Reserve are close to non-existence.

Getting to the reserve is quite easy because it is located in the Northern shore of the River Tana. This is about forty kilometers or twenty five miles upstream from the Tana River Primate National Reserve, which is located in the Eastern part of Kenya. Arewale National Reserve lies in the county of Garissa at the North Eastern province of Kenya near the Somali border. Hence, this should make it much easy for visitors to get the right direction to the reserve. From the above discussion, it is clear that there are so many reasons why one should choose to visit Arewale National Reserve at the North Eastern part of Kenya.