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Why should one visit Boni National Reserve

The Boni National Reserve is national reserve used for conservation. Boni National Reserve is found in the North Eastern Province in Ijara district. The reserve covers an area of almost 1339 km2. The park was established in 1976 as a sanctuary for elephants in Ijara District, Lamu District and Somalia. There are various reasons why one should visit Boni National Reserve. First, Boni National Reserve is home to a wide range of wild life that tourists can see.

Tourists should visit Boni National Reserve to see some of the big fives. For instance, tourists are able to see elephants when they visit the park. Apart from the big five, there are other animals that tourists can see like buffalo, giraffe and ropi. Other animals are gerenuk and duiker. The common Duiker also   known as Bush Duiker is a major tourist attraction feature in Boni National Reserve. Bush Duiker is a small antelope that has small horns.

Bush duiker is found in West Africa, central Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa. They are found everywhere in South Africa   expect in the horn of Africa and the rainforests in Central and western parts of Africa. The Bush Duiker is mostly found in habitats that have adequate vegetation cover. The vegetation cover allows the Bush Duiker to hide.

Tourists should visit Boni National Reserve to see the various species of Bush Duiker and how they are adaptable to the harsh weather in North Eastern Province. The two main species of Bush Duiker are Harvey’s and Ader’s. There are also hippos, bush pigs and waterbuck in Boni National Reserve.

Second, Boni National Reserve offers beautiful and lush scenery and hence the reason people should visit the reserve. The best places to see the wild animals are on the rainforests and grassland. The Boni forest is found in Boni National Reserve. Boni forest is an indigenous open canopy forest and a costal forest mosaic found in Northern   parts of Zanzibar. Boni forest is the only costal lowland groundwater forest in the country.

Boni National reserve has low land dry bush and grasslands on the dry parts of the reserve. Boni National Reserve was developed as a sanctuary for elephants as stated earlier. Tourists should visit the park during the dry season if they want to some of the big five. This is because the reserve has the largest number of elephants during the dry season. As part of costal forests in East Africa, Boni forest holds various species of birds.

Tourists should take bird safari to Boni national Reserve to see various types of birds as the reserve is home to some of the threatened bird species in the world... Though the reserve is mostly hot and dry, the wetlands offer a vast range of water birds and prey birds. Examples of birds found in the reserve are sokoke pip, brown –hooeded kingfisher and brown breasted barbet. Other bird species include carmine, European bee eater, honey bizzard and palm nut vulture.

Tourists can also spot the southern banded harrier eagle and violet breasted sunbird. Third, tourists should visit Boni National Reserve to see the excellent vegetation cover. The reserve has an excellent vegetation cover. The reserve harbors a large number of pant species in the world and it has been named a biodiversity hotspot.