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Kerio Valley National Reserve

Kerio Valley National Reserve lies on a semi tropical vegetation environment at about 4000ft. The place has one of the best views offered by the slopes which rundown with some bushes which are dry. In order to preserve the bio-diverse factors, Kerio Valley National Reserve was established as a national reserve. Founded on 1983, Kerio Valley National Reserve covers an area of about 68 km2 thus it’s large enough to provide tours with activities and services that make their stay the best. Rates offered by Kerio Valley National Reserve are reasonable to residents, non-residents, and the citizens. If you want a place to spend your holiday time or for recreation, visit Kerio Valley National Reserve and make a booking with the place.

One of unique features with Kerio Valley National Reserve is that it offers the best for climbers and individuals who like hiking. It is such a beautiful and wonderful place because there is no need of climbing tools required. Kerio Valley National Reserve has been formed in a way that travelers and tours find it easy in accomplishing their activities. With nature trails, the place helps you find it best for spending your time. If you are in need of memorable moments which other reserves can not provide, visit Kerio Valley National Reserve. Activities such as hiking, game viewing, camping, and bird watching are some of the best which the reserve offers to its tours. Hundreds of tours and travelers from different parts of the world to experience a different life in the reserve thus it seems that the place is best for many things.

Lake Kamnorak neighbors Kerio Valley National Reserve which offers the best for tourists as well as for wildlife in the area. The place has different wild animals such as buffalo, elephants, bush pigs, and antelopes among others. Other attractive animals and birds present in Kerio Valley National Reserve are pelicans, crocodiles, beautiful landscapes, waterbuck, and grebes among others.

Hundreds of tours visit Kerio Valley National Reserve for their holidays simply because the place is that attractive and also offers different activities. Hiking, landscape climbing, and camping are some of the common activities present at Kerio Valley National Reserve thus if you are a fan of any of the above, Kerio Valley National Reserve is the place you should be.

When visiting Kenya, the reserve is one of the main places tours make a stop. The place is so beautiful with different activities and animals to see. The slopes of Kerio valley are unique and beautiful thus they give the reserve added advantage why tours and travelers should make stopovers whenever passing the place.

Kerio Valley National Reserve has the best guides who help tours in different ways when they are in the place. It also offers the best accommodation thus if you want to spend in the reserve, there is no fear for their lodges are the best. Apart from the lodges, the reserve has the best sites for camping and with the help of the guides and security officers; tours are assisted on building their camp tents.

Although the reserve lies on slopes of the valley, accessing the place is such easy. Weather roads have been constructed which are accessible thus one should not worry on how to access the place.