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Why Should One Visit Kerio Valley National Reserve

Kerio Valley National Reserve is found in Kerio valley. Kerio valley National Reserve was founded in 1983. The reserve covers an area of almost 66 square kilometers. Kerio valley is 4000 feet deep and has tropical vegetation on the slopes and dry thorn bushes at the base.

There are numerous reasons why people should visit Kerio Valley national Reserve. First, Kerio Valley National Reserve offers impressive views and this has led to large number of people visiting the area. Like other national parks and reserves in the country, Kerio Valley National Reserve hosts a vast range of wild animals. The main attractions in Kerio Valley National Reserve are crocodiles and some of the big five.  

Kerio valley National Reserve has a large number of elephants, leopards and buffaloes that can be sighted when one visits the park. There are other animals that can be sighted like waterbuck, bush back, yellow baboon and warthog. Other animals that tourists are likely to see when they visit Kerio Valley National Reserve are impala, civet, genet and serial hyena and striped hyenas.

Second, tourists should visit Kerio Valley National Reserve to see the rich variety of reptiles and invertebrates. The reserve has different kinds of reptiles and invertebrates that tourists can view. Moreover, Kerio Valley National Reserve provides a rich diversity of birds. There are different species of birds that are found in the reserve like pelican and little grebe.

The little grebe is a kind of water bird that has a pointed bill. The birds are of different colors. The adults are dark and have a rufuous neck and flanks. The also have yellow gape. Non breeding birds and young birds are dirty brown grey in color.

Third, Kerio Valley National Reserve is a natural tourist attraction. Tourists can visit Kerio Valley National Reserve to view the Kerio Valley. Viewing of the valley is incredible. At the edge of the large Kerio Valley, tourists are able to take some of the amazing views, downward the valley walls to the floor of the Great Rift Valley.

Tourists are able to see the beautiful Torok Falls and the Chebloch Gorge. In addition, tourists are able to see the plains of the Rimoi Reserve which is important for migration of elephants. Moreover, tourists are able to visit the elevated ends of Kerio Valley in Tugen Hills in Kipsaraman. Kerio Valley National reserve has a museum where tourists can visit anytime. The museum is located at Tugen Hills in Kipsaraman. The museum houses various display on biodiversity and preservation of animals and plants. Also, the museum has human fossil exhibits. The museum houses a charming exhibit on the historical origin of the mythological creature, the Nandi Bear.

Apart from the exhibits in the museum, there are other attractions in the reserve that tourists visiting the reserve can see. The exciting location of the museum acts as a tourist attraction. The museum is located at the edge of a steep drop where people can see the Great Rift Valley and Lake Baringo. Tourists are also welcomed by traditional dances and songs played by the local residents. The beautiful landscape and the rich culture in Kerio Valley National Reserve and surrounding community is a good reason why tourists should visit the reserve.