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Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Lake Bogoria national reserve is among the famous national reserves in Kenya where one require visiting. The national park is located at rift valley province northern part of Lake Nakuru. Lake Bogoria national reserve is 250 kilometers away from Nairobi and 25KM from Lake Baringo airstrip. The reserve covers an area of 107KM2. The national reserve is 1000-1600 above the sea level with an attitude of 3200ft with hot and dry climate.

The reserve occupies the nearby land and the lake. Lake Bogoria national reserve was established in 1970. It is comprised of two national reserves; lake Bogoria and Lake Kamnarok national reserve. Since its establishment the reserve as been a tourist attraction site for many tourists as it has several exploration sites. Lake Bogoria is a best tourist area as the lake itself is surrounded by the sheer wall called the Ngedelel escarpment. Geysers of hot water are also found on the area as an evidence of the below turmoil. The scenic appearance of the lake creates the attraction site for the tourists.

Most of the lake Bogoria national reserve is occupied by the lake which reflects the blue skies and pink rose of flamingoes. The national reserve inhibits several species of animals due to its significant ornithological interest. The lake is covered by the green-blue algae which attracts significant number of flamingoes seasonally.

In Lake Bogaria national reserve different species of birds are very many. They include among others; tawny eagle, cape wigeon, little grebe, African spoonbill, water dikkop, hornbill and augur buzzard. The bushy grasslands in the area inhabit greater kudu which is a rare species in Africa. Other animals in the park are dik dik, buffalo, cheetah, lion, warthog, caracal, hyena with spots, zebra, impala, baboon and other small animals. Lake Bogoria national reserve has variety of the wild animals which makes it to be a very best site for the tourist attraction.

Different activities are done in the reserve which includes; bird watching especially watching the flamingo colonies, boating, walking, and camping. Lake Bogoria national reserve has numerous desert roses which makes it to be very beautiful.

Another reached national reserve in the area in Lake Kamnarok national park which was opened in 1983. The park has diverse landscape which has 4000ft deep valley, with dry thorn bush at the base which contrasts with the semi tropical vegetation on the slopes. The main game in this part of Lake Bogoria national reserve includes the water bucks, elephant buffalo, Rothschild’s giraffe, warthog and dik dik. Grebe and pelicans are the main water birds available. This part of the park has no accommodation areas.

Lake Bogoria national park has campsites which are very special. The campsites are either professional or public campsites where by the tourists makes their choice as they have variety to choose from. There are three public campsites, one professional campsite, one picnic site at the geysers and one lodge in Lake Bogoria national reserve. During the day lake Bogoria national reserve usually have an oppressive heat but the reserve has cooling campsites.

Fig tree with great number of the fig creates haven which is very cool reducing the heat. Though Lake Bogoria national reserve wild animals are far from being plentiful this is the best place to tour; as visitors will be in a position to photograph greater kudus as they are in plenty. Visit Lake Bogoria national reserve if you need to explore Kenya extensively.