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Maralal Game Sanctuary

The Maralal game Sanctuary is located in the Rift valley in Kenya. The Maralla Game Sanctuary is located in Laikipia district which borders the District of Isiolo on its Northern side. The Maralal Game Sanctuary is bordered by a belt of riverine forest in the north; which is known as the Mkogodo forest reserve. This riverine forest is well fed by the Ngare ndare River which borders the forest and the Maralal game Sanctuary.

The landscape at Maralal Game Sanctuary is rich and has a variety of wildlife making it an interesting area to visit while in Kenya. Maralal Game Sanctuary isitors to the Maralal Game Sanctuary can also enjoy bird watching and visitors can be guided for nature walsk by trained and experienced guides. The Maralal Game Sanctuary is located in Maralal which is the administrative center of Samburu District. The Maralal Game Sanctuary can be accessed via Maralal town. Most of the area around the Maralal Game Sanctuary is surrounded by the Samburu who are closely related to the famous Massai tribe of Kenya.

The warriors of the Samburu tribesmen adorn themselves with beautiful ornaments and they jump up and down at their traditional dances and rituals which if the tourists are lucky can also get to witness. The Maralal Game Sanctuary has one of the highest populations of zebras, warthogs, impalas, baboons, leopards and hyenas.

While visiting the Maralal Game Sanctuary, visitors can also get to see the Kenyatta home which is where the father of the great nation of Kenya was detained in the times prior to independence. Other tourist attraction activities include water rafting, camel riding and bush walking. There are great views and sceneries of thorny bushes and a lot of game as they hunt and feed. Elephants seasonally pass through the Maralal Game Sanctuary. There is a sanctuary at the Maralal Game Sanctuary, where most animals go to water themselves.

Visitors to the game sanctuary can stay at the Maralal Safari Lodge from where one can clearly observe most of the wildlife as they go about their day. Some of the animals can also be seen at night as the animals get busy hunting and trying not to be the prey. One can also get to observe leopards that have been caged not so far from the game sanctuary. Visitors can also use the rocky track to visit Lake Turkana.The Maralal Safari lodge which is where most visitors of the game reserve stay, is well furnished and elegant to suit the tastes of many people.

The Maralal Safari lodge is equipped with a 48 bed capacity with many facilities that can accommodate a large number of people. All the rooms at the Maralal Safari lodge are en-suite and spacious. Facilities like restaurants, bars, lounges, swimming pools, game viewing terrace, pool bars and conference hall facilities are available to all visitors that get accommodation at the Maralal Safari Lodge. Visitors to this area can take advantage of the rich cultures of the people around this area to learn more about the history and culture of Kenya.

Visits to the Samburu manyatta can be made while visiting the area. There is also an annual camel derby that goes on every year and visitors can hope to catch this during their visit. The Losiolo look out point is also a great inclusion to the visiting areas of the game sanctuary and the areas around it. From this spot, visitors can take pictures that can serve as their memories to the beautiful scenery.