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Why Should One Visit The Meru National Park

The Meru national park is a game park found in Meru, a town 350kilometers from Nairobi. This Kenya game park covers an area of 870 kms. The park is among the famous national park in Kenya mainly for its natural state. The Meru national park is located at a place with abundant rainfall of 305-356mmon the east of the park and 635-762 mm on its west. This heavy rain makes the park to be ever green with lush swamps, and tall grass that make seeing the game difficult...

The park is the home of wild beasts such as leopard, elephant, hippopotamus, cheetah, rare antelopes, rhinoceros and others. The park is among the two national parks where conservationists Joy and George Adamson raised the lioness by the name of Elsa and their work became an awarded winning movie by the name Born Free and best selling book. This lioness is buried at Meru national park.

The international Fund for animal Welfare assisted the Kenya Wildlife Service in 2000 and 2005 to restore the Meru national park at the verge of its ruins. This park has since then become an inevitable and promising place for tourists to visit the park. The restoration of the national park was through solving the problem of poaching. It is easy to reach the Meru national park due to the park’s Mulika Lodge Airport. The tourist attraction zones at Meru park are the Joy Adamson; Adamson Falls   that views Mount Kenya and another attractive   feature is the River Tana.

Visitors can also reach the national park through Nyeri-Nayuki-Meru or through Embu which are roads. For one to reach the gate into the park between Mau to Nurear gate is a distance of thirty five kilometers. Another road which one can use to access the park is Embu to URA Gate which is 120 km. The road from Nairobi is currently inaccessible.

The climate sate of the Meru national park receives irregular rainfalls and is a semi arid zone. April to June and November to December are the wet season in this Meru national park. Entry to the park is only through cash system only so doing not operate as a safari card system. One needs to visit the Meru national park mainly for its attraction pants such as the snow capped mount Kenya, the Adamson falls, river Tana, the reverie habitats and the home of Elsa the lioness.

The Meru national park host Puff Udder, Buffalo, Cobra, reticulated giraffe, gravy zebras , Eland , waterbuck, Bush Pig , Python, Bohor reedbuck and over three hundred species of birds The main vegetation seen in Meru national park are the wooded grasslands at the western zone, the open grads land in most of the areas and the thorny bush land at the North of Meru national park. Dense river forest is also found at the Meru national park made up of Raffia and Doum.

The Meru national park offers accommodation to its visitors at Leopard Rock Lodge, Elsa Kopje. Other places for accommodation are offered by the self - Catering accommodation by KWS such as kina Bandas, Meru Luxury House and Murera Bandas. You cannot miss to see what the Meru national park offers.