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Mombasa National Park and Reserve

Mombasa National Park and Reserve is one of the best recreational destinations not only in East Africa but also in the entire African continent. Located in the coastal region of Kenya, Mombasa National Park and Reserve is accessible either by road or air. The immediate environs of Mombasa National Park and Reserve is none other than the magnificent City of Mombasa which is famous in all parts of the world for unrivalled sceneries for all to enjoy.

At Mombasa National Park and Reserve, there is an array of flora and fauna for all to see; these include the big five of elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and the buffalo. The fact that these wild animals are found naturally in Mombasa National Park and Reserve’s open grasslands implies that they are easily visible during the day time.  

The wide range of flora at Mombasa National Park and Reserve includes giant acacia trees, grass species of Chloris roxburghiana, Euphorbia species, bottle brush trees, and different species of shrubs just but to mention a few. The best time to visit Mombasa National Park and Reserve is from the months of April to December but still, a nature die-hard would find the place captivating all year round. Apart from the fantastic wildlife sceneries available at the Mombasa National Park and Reserve, visitors are also treated to exquisite Swahili music such as Benga and Taarab; the soothing nature of these tunes leaves visitors yearning for more.

The Swahili people in the City of Mombasa are extremely welcoming and this makes it a memorable occasion for all visitors; the welcoming local inhabitants have no problem guiding visitors free of charge. For the past ten years, the Mombasa National Park and Reserve has been hosting the famous pwani marathon which is held on an annual basis.  This marathon is staged inside the national park and this has made it possible for the management of the Mombasa National Park and Reserve to establish conservation programs which are geared towards safeguarding the various resources found at the place. This marathon has also made it possible for runners to enjoy the marvels of nature from unbelievable proximity.

A visit at the Mombasa National Park and Reserve would not be complete without a visit to the various historic sites which are found all over the city; for instance, the Fort Jesus is a national historic site which was built over 200 years ago by missioners from the European country of Portugal. 

Apart from the Fort Jesus, visitors touring the coastal city can also catch a glimpse of the Kilindini Harbor which acts as a leading port in the East African coastline. The Mombasa National Park and Reserve is one of the best tourist destinations in Kenya and the fact that it is easily accessible by road or air makes travel arrangements for tourists very flexible. Flying to Mombasa from Nairobi costs just 100 US dollars and at such an affordable rate, anyone can easily access the splendid Mombasa National Park and Reserve.                                                          

Apart from the amazing music and tunes from the coastal city, the Swahili people of Mombasa are also renowned all over the world for offering an extensive range of world class cuisines for the visitors. The authentic manner in which the Swahili people prepare their dishes makes it an occasion to behold for all and sundry. Make a point of visiting Mombasa National Park and Reserve now.