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Mwingi National Reserve

Kenya is a country that is endowed with extensive range of tourist attractions; Mwingi National Reserve being one of them. Mwingi national reserve is located in the north of Mwingi town formerly known as Kitui North National reserve which borders Meru national park and Kora national park. This reserve is among the four contiguous and protected areas that comprises 4400 square kilometers of Meru conservation reserves. Mwingi national reserve is selected by the Kenya wildlife services as a wilderness activity zone which allows fly camping, horse back and camel safaris as an opportunity for traditional viewing of game.

Mwingi national reserve is administered by Mwingi county council. The total area that is covered by this reserve is 755 square kilometers in an area that is comprised of acacia, savanna woodlands and rivers. The road to Mwingi national reserve passes through Thika and Kyuso Village. You can use an alternative route through the through Meru national park on the Adamson Bridge. There are also efforts by Mwingi council to increase the accessibility to Mwingi national reserve and building walk trails in the reserve in collaboration with Kenya wildlife association.

The reserve is encroached by settlements and permanent agriculture and tourists travel thousands of miles from all the corners of the world in order to see the marvelous sceneries and sites at Mwingi national reserve. The climatic condition of the area is hot and dry.

Due to the fact that Mwingi national reserve is bordered by other reserves it is frequently visited by different animals from the neighboring park. Animals that are found in Mwingi national reserve are crocodiles, hippopotamus, elephants, lions, caracal, leopards, monkeys, olive baboon and several species of antelopes. There is a collection of activities that tourists can participate in while visiting the Mwingi national reserve. Watching antelopes is also another activity enjoyed by tourists who visit the Mwingi national reserve.

The national reserve is found to be the least accessible in the Meru conservation area however it is often visited by tourist for activities such as horse riding; camel riding and game drivers, there are also safari game walks which is done by a trained guide, fishing activity and boating is also done in River Tana. Other attractions found in this reserve include kampi ya simba which is the former home for George and Joy Adamson with the grave of their famous lioness Elsa, fishing in Tana River, the Adamson fall and safaris to the national park and reserves that are neighboring Mwingi national reserve.

There is no time limit for visiting the reserve; the reserve is open all year round and camping is allowed in the reserve for designated areas. Mwingi national reserve is rich in species of birds which vary from rich from southern branded harrier eagle, honey buzzard, palmut vulture, hooded kingfisher, carmine and European bee eater, violet breasted sunbird and brown breasted sunbird, ring necked dove, bronze sunbird, black headed oriole, great sparrow hawk, speckled moosebird and superb starling.

Mwingi national reserve does not have accommodation but there is available accommodation through safari accommodation in the Kora national reserve, the Meru national reserve and the neighboring town of Mwingi and Thika. The climate is favorable all year round therefore you should make an effort to visit the park and enjoy the marvels of the nature.