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Why You should Visit Nairobi National Park

 Nairobi National park was developed in 1946. Nairobi National Park was the first park to be established in Kenya. The park is located almost 7 kilometers south of Nairobi city. Nairobi National Park is separated from the Nairobi City by a fence. The proximity of the city and the park has led to conflict between the wild life and residents in the city as the residents have endangered the animal migration routes. Nairobi National Park has a wide range of animals.

Nairobi National park has acted as a tourist attraction site for the last few years. There are various reasons why tourists should visit Nairobi National Park. Tourists can visit the park to see the herbivores and other animals. The large number of herbivores in the park has attracted tourists. There are also herbivores in the park as stated above. There are wildebeests and zebras. The herbivores use the kitengela conservation area and the migration routes to the south of the park to migrate to other places like the Athi Kapiti plains. The herbivores leave the Athi Kapiti plains during the dry season and return to the park.

The number of wildlife in the park is high during the dry season as most of the animals return to the park when the areas surrounding the park dry up. Hence, tourists should visit the park during the dry season so as to be able to see variety of animals. There are small dams that have been developed along the Mbagathi River to provide water to animals in the park. The dams in the park attract herbivores during the dry season.In addition, the park is home to a vast range of wildlife.

The park is home to African buffaloes, baboon and black rhinoceros. It is also home to Burcheles Zebra, Grant Gazelles and cheetahs. Other animals found in the Nairobi National Park are lions, leopards, Thomson Gazelle, eland and impala. Moreover, the park has ostrich, waterbuck, hippo and vulture.Apart from having herbivores and other animals, it has various types of birds. Nairobi National Park has more than 500 bird species that tourists can see. The birds migrate from the park to other arts of the country.

The dams built inside Nairobi National Park have developed man made habitats for birds and other water animals. Tourists can visit Nairobi National Park anytime to see the various species of birds. Additionally, Nairobi National Park has elephants and rhinoceros. Daiv Sheldrick Trust has a sanctuary inside the park that rears orphaned elephants and rhinoceros. The elephants and rhinoceros are released back to the sanctuaries after they grow up. The sanctuary is used to nurture orphaned animals and sick animals from different parts of the country.

The sanctuary is located near the entrance and tourists visiting Nairobi National park can see it. The Nairobi National Park is considered the best rhinoceros sanctuaries in the country.Other attractions inside Nairobi National Park are the migration of Zebras and wildebeest in July and August. Aldo, the Ivory burning site movement acts as a tourist attraction center as tourists from inside and outside the country visit the park to see ivory burning site monument and burning of ivories. The Nairobi safari walk and animal orphanage is also an excellent attraction site. Lastly, tourists can visit Nairobi National Park to attend wild life lectures that are offered at the wild life conservation education center.