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Why Should one Visit Nasalot National Reserve

There are a wide range of reasons why one should consider visiting Nasalot National Reserve as it will be examined below. Nasalot National Reserve covers a total are of 92 square kilometers. The reserve mostly comprises of plains that are broken up by the intriguing Sekess Hills, which are part of the Cherangani ridges. To the northern part of the reserve is a section of River Turkwel while to the Eastern side is the River Wei Wei.

Nasalot National Reserve lies on either of the two sides of the major highway between the towns of Kitale and Lodwar. Though none of the sides is known to host wildlife, Nasalot National Reserve is dominated by a rugged mountain that goes by a similar name and overlooks the Turkwel George, which is the site of the latest hydroelectric power scheme in Kenya. Tourists should keep in mind that there is no accommodation at Nasalot National Reserve.

Among the key reasons why one should visit Nasalot National Reserve is the significant eco-system comprising of floodplains and river valleys that is intriguing scenery worth viewing. This eco-system supports the evergreen forests that are dominated by acacia and fig trees as well as several forms of sedges and papyrus. There is a wide range of game to view including the giraffe, hippo, elephant, Thompson’s gazelle, Grant, eland, bushbuck, Lesser Kudu, plains zebra and the dik dik.

There are also the predators including the spotted hyena, leopard, lion and the jackal. Additionally, Nasalot National Reserve hosts crocodiles, Velvet Monkeys and the Olive Baboon, which are mainly found in the rivers. The reserve hosts birdlife exceeding 150 species. Despite the fact that there are hardly any roads that get to the reserve, there is a murram airstrip that is located at the two campsites and the Turkwel hydroelectric dam.

Another reason why one should visit Nasalot National Reserve is because the reserve offers a wide range of facilities including picnic sites, camp sites, swimming pools and tennis courts. Hence, visitors are guaranteed maximal fund and enjoyment while at Nasalot National Reserve.

A major activity that one can do while at the reserve is game viewing, owed to the fact that Nasalot National Reserve is a home to a wide array of wildlife species. To get to the park, there is one access road and one airstrip. The admission costs are extremely affordable for both residents and non-residents. The charges for adult non-residents are 20 dollars per head while children are charged 10 dollars.

The serene landscape and scenery at Nasalot National Reserve is a good reason why a visitor should consider touring. The reserve offers a perfect opportunity to break the monotony of staying indoors by offering a wide range of activities such as game viewing and fun activities like playing tennis. Therefore, the time that one spends at Nasalot National Reserve is truly worth it.

It is a unique reserve located in the dry North Eastern part of Kenya, a region that is rarely toured by tourists. It is therefore worth experiencing what the region has in store. Nasalot National Reserve should definitely be included in the summer travel plans. The above discussion proves that the reserve is a place that is worth visiting while in Kenya for both residents and non-residents.