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Why Should One Visit Rahole National Reserve

The Rahole national reserve is situated northeast of Kora National Park. The Rahole national reserve is an enormous stretch of dry thorny bush-land in the Garissa district of North Eastern Province approximately 150km northeast of Mount Kenya.

The Rahole national reserve houses elephants, Grevy’s zebra and beisa oryx. The reserve is located on the North bank of the Tana River at the western extreme North Eastern province. The Rahole national reserve is a vast expanse of unspoiled wilderness and it is only accessible by 4WD vehicles, because there are few tracks and they are far between in the park.

Even at places where there are tracks they are very rough and their condition is generally poor. The Rahole national reserve, just like the Kora National reserve which neighbors it to the south and Bisanadi and Kitui reserves further west, acts as protective areas for animals which migrate from Meru National park. The closest approaches to the reserve are the Rahole national reserve are at the south, near the Tana River.

One of the track leads to north-west from Garissa to the village and Mbalambala on the Tana near the eastern edges of both Kora national park and Rahole national reserve. From the Mbalambala there is a road that heads north into the eastern section of Rahole national reserve. Alternatively, there exists tracks which lead to the western section of the reserve from the town of Garba Tula off the main Isiolo-Wajir road. Again if one wants to arrange a visit one will have to ask for a permit from Kenya Wildlife services headquarters.

The Rahole national reserve offers a wide variety of plains games, hippos, crocodiles and variety of birds. In the area covered by the Rahole national reserve the climate is hot and dry therefore when one plans to visit then they should equip themselves with sunglasses, suns screens and other protective facilities. The area can be accessed in any time of the year due to the relatively good weather condition which allows this.

In this area there are no accommodation facilities therefore when one arranges to visit the area they should be ready to organize for their own outside the Rahole national reserve. Also when accessing the area it is good to note that the area has no airstrip and therefore it one can’t access it by use of air means.

The main activity which can take place in Rahole national reserve is game viewing. Though this becomes a bit hard due to lack of well defined routes it can be accessed by use of a 4WD vehicle. One will enjoy themselves by viewing animals in the reserve which are relatively visible due to the good terrain and the environment which doesn’t have thick forests.

In case of any emergency the reserve is under the management of the Kenya Wildlife Service and they can be of great help to ensure that maximum security is ensured. Due to the hot and dry weather around the area one is advised to carry with themselves water to quench their thirst when need be because the Rahole national reserve doesn’t has facilities like shops and restaurants from where you can purchase these basic needs. Also one should organize to carry with themselves some snacks and food if necessary. Visit the area and you will enjoy yourself to the maximum.