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Why Should One Visit Shaba National Reserve

Shaba National Reserve took its name from Mount Shaba a dormant volcanic mountain which is found at the border of the park. Shaba national reserve was founded in 1968 and neighbors Samburu National Reserve. The presence of abridge across the Ewaso Ngiro river connects the two national reserves together.

An indicator of how wild the Shaba National Reserve is the fact that the park was selected to be home for contestants of the ‘Survivor Series- Africa’

The Shaba national reserve is similar to Samburu National Reserve. It has several riverines making it greener than the surrounding parks. It has vegetation such as acacia trees, doum palms and scenic green landscape.

Samburu national reserve is approximately 314 kilometers from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Accessing the park is therefore possible by road or by air. By road tourists can get to the park in five hours. Tourist that desire for a memorable road trip should therefore try getting to Shaba National Reserve by road. If however, you are not into long distance road trips there is an airstrip at the park which means that tourist can fly in and out of the park.

Though Shaba national reserve is located in a semi region area it has springs and riverines that ensure that the abundant wildlife is supported with adequate water. Shaba national reserve has tracks of rugged terrain and isolated hills making the land scenic and majestic.

Shaba national reserve is also a preferred location to visit due to presence of adequate and high class in accommodation. Tourists can therefore plan to visit and stay at the park for a few days. A simple hone calls for reservations will guarantee the tourist of a comfortable and enjoyable stay. One of the most renowned lodges is the Sarova Shaba Lodge. The lodge is fully furnished with deluxe room’s suites as well as the presidential suite.

The luxury offered in the lodge is a sharp contrast to the natural wild that is right outside. Campers can also enjoy the opportunity to spend the night out in the jungle. Camping spots such as the Joy camp are strategically located so as to allow the tourist to comfortably interact with the animals as they visit their watering holes.

Wildlife is another reason why the Shaba national Reserve is the ultimate tourist destination. A wide variety of animals such as the elephants, lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, buffalos, Oryx, dikdiks and the waterbucks can be seen at the park. This is commonly in the morning and the afternoon when the temperatures and the scotching sun have gone down. It is also common to see the animals at the springs and the watering holes when they arrive to drink water.

The different landscapes in the park mean that tourist can view different animals depending on the location in the park. The northern side of Shaba National Reserve has the Ewaso Ngiro River, the Chanler Falls and the Lorian swamp which makes it a favorable site to see animals such as zebras and the elephants. The other side of the park contrast with the presence of a rugged terrain which makes its difficult to trace most animals.

Generally though, the road is rugged and tourists should visit the park and use tough vehicles such as the four wheel drive. Shaba national Reserve ids an experience of the jungle untamed. The occurrence of rain may render the road within the park inaccessible making the tour more adventurous and thrilling.

Visit Shaba National Reserve today and enjoy nature and the beauty of the wild.