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South Island National Park

South Island National Park is one of the most fascinating sceneries along the Kenyan Coastline. Located just about 61 miles from the City of Mombasa, this national park is distinct for its variety of rare wildlife species which encompass spectacular flora and fauna. Accessing the South Island National Park is very easy and flexible for all and sundry either via road or even hot air balloons. Having been established over twenty years ago, the South Island National Park is under themanagement of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) which is a fully fledged government parastatal.

Tourists travel thousands of miles from all the corners of the world in order to catch a glimpse of the marvelous sceneries and sites at the South Island National Park and this acts a strong testament to its rating as a world-class tourist destination. One of the most outstanding attractions at the South Island National Park is bird watching; this is achieved from the comfort of the exquisite tents or as one walks around the natural paths in the park. There are numerous species of birds at the South Island National Park and these include the ostrich and other rare species. Another excellent attraction that makes South Island National Park a site to behold for nature lovers is the splendid camping opportunities on offer.

Upon the visitors’ request, one can even camp at this national park for a whole week. This makes it possible for people to divert attention from the hectic life and enjoy nature without external disturbance. The level of security at the South Island National Park is quite exceptional since the park’s management has great value for the total safety of all tourists. Accessibility to the park is also made easier by the fact that there is an airstrip that has been constructed at the heart of the park.

There are chartered flights to the park from Mombasa on a daily basis and this comes at very affordable rates for all the tourists. Watching antelopes is also another activity enjoyed by tourists who visit the South Island National Park. The fantastic hot and dry climate at the South Island National Park comes in handy for Western visitors to get a much-needed break from the hostile winter conditions in Europe and North America.

The local inhabitants of the areas surrounding the South Island National Park are extremely friendly and as such, it is very easy for foreign visitors to adapt to the local culture. The people from the coastal regions of Kenya are known for their ability to prepare exceptional traditional dishes; these cuisines make it a memorable time for the entire tourists who visit the South Island National Park. Charges for entering this park are extremely friendly for all and sundry; all foreign tourists are charged a meager sum of just $20 for adults and $10 for children. These kinds of charges are a far-cry from the exorbitant entry fees that are charged by other tourist destinations around the world which offer low quality attractions.

Due to the fact that there is ample accommodation for tourists around the park, tourists needn’t worry about it and as such, one can visit the South Island National Park any time during the year regardless of the prevailing season. The nearby beaches offer an excellent chance for tourists to sun-bathe during the day. Make reservations for South Island National Park by booking your entry ticket today.