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Tana River Primate Reserve

As a domestic or foreign tourist, one would like to enjoy their visit to different parts of their target tourists’ sites. One such attractive, gorgeous and breath taking sites is the Tana River Primate Reserve located on the eastern side of Nairobi. Tana River Primate Reserve is a large area with a total of eleven square miles characterized with patches of scattered forest. The Tana River Primate Reserve was a project established in the year 1976 in order to protect the Lower Tana River’s swampy forest sites.

The establishment of the Tana River Primate Reserve was also a way of protecting two of the world’s endangered species known as the Tana River Mangabey and the Tana River Red Columbus that are present there. The reserve has sixteen patches of forests about 171 km and along the meandering lower Tana River the reserve extends about 16 km down. From Nairobi, the reserve extends 240 km from Mombasa. Woodland and savannah habitats are what consists of the reserve both the east and the west Tana River sides. The total number of patches in Tana River Primate Reserve amount to 16 in total and range from 10 to 625 ha in size.

For anyone willing to visit the Tana River Primate Reserve, the temperatures there are within the range of 20 to 40 degrees centigrade which makes it a cool to dry area to visit. Again, the reserve is accessible and operational all year round with temperatures that are favorable for anyone visiting. In addition, there are two main routes through which one can get to the Tana River Primate Reserve; first from the Malindi Garissa road, and second from the airstrip that is south of the livestock holding group. The Tana River Primate Reserve borders several settlements all of which have links to reserve and these form other access routes although not so much pronounced to the visitors.

The Tana River Primate Reserve is an amazing site with so many attractions and eye catching sites. The two main attractions include the prevalent Red Columbus together with the mangabey. There are also other tourist attraction sites that are found within the reserve like the Nile crocodile, Python and Monitor Lizard, baboons, butterflies, the cheetah and abundant antelope species.

In the Tana River Primate Reserve the tree species also form part of the reserve’s tourist’s attractions and are at least three hundred species varieties. These tree varieties are a multifaceted mix of Pan African Rain forest species five endemic woody plants which are among ten rare ones and some East coast forest species. To make the visit more fun, tourists or visitors to the Tana River Primate Reserve can enjoy a walk in the neighborhoods of the forests and have some moment to remember. Some precious attractions that the reserve offers include game viewing, watching birds and endangered species among other things.

Although the reserve at current has no accommodation facilities the neighboring region along the coast offers luxurious accommodation that falls within all levels of budgets. The region surrounding Tana River Primate Reserve is secure and this makes it possible for visitors to travel from the reserve to the accommodation with lots of ease as security. Since the Tana River Primate Reserve is located in a region that is generally hot and dry, visitors are advised to carry with them camping equipments and picnic items for those with intentions of spending the night there. Other important and very useful equipments include the binoculars, camera, hat, sunglasses, guidebooks and others.