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Tsavo West National Park

The Tsavo National Park is a combination of the Tsavo east National Park and Tsavo west national park making the largest game sanctuaries in the world. The wild life in this game reserve includes lion and herds of elephants as the common species. The other species are klipspringer, caracal, striped hyena, and the fringe-eared Oryx. The Tsavo west national park is located at Kenya’s Coast province. It covers an area of 9, 065 sq Km.   The Tsavo national park is divided into the west and east by a railway and the A109Nairobi- Mombasa road.

The Tsavo west national park is mainly popular for its   magnificent scenery comprising of varied and rich wildlife, the Mzima springs, rhino reserve , good system of road, guided walks along rive Tsavo and the potential of rock climbing. The Kenya Wildlife Service is in charge of the Tsavo west national park.

 Based on history and archeology, it is given that the Tsavo west national park was the home to the Middle   Stone Age and early Stone Age human. The place shows evidence of the economy that existed during the late Stone age period which is approximately six thousand to one thousand three hundred years ago.

In the Tsavo west national park there is the Galan River which according research showed various archeological sites of the Late Stone Age. The inhabitants in this location fished, hunted wild animals   and even domesticated other animals.

The Tsavo west national park is covered by lava flows, rocky outcrops and volcanic cones. The landscape is carpeted by dense bush and long dry grass. As compared to other parks in Kenya, the Tsavo west national park has very tall vegetation which makes it difficult to spot the wild animals. The lion, cheaters and tigers for example camouflage with the environment. The Big five are fund in the park along side’s wide range   antelope species. The main center of attraction in Tsavo west national park are the two   water holes which are constructed near the lodges which is an aspect that assures the visitors that they will receive a perfect and fabulous viewing of the game.

The places to visit at Tsavo west national park are the Roaring Rocks and Chaimu Crater viewpoint that are located at the Southeast of Kilanguni Safari Lodge. These rocks at Tsavo west national park can be easily climbed within a period of 15 minutes and they offer a perfect sensational view across the plains.

The Tsavo west national park offers accommodation in places like Kilanguni Serena lodge and Voyager Ziwani Safari camp among others. The Kenya safari at the Tsavo west national park is well customized and has no any extra cost added to it. The activities, accommodation and   itinerary can be made in a way to suit a client’s preference and taste.

The management at the Tsavo west national park ensures that east customer is guided   with sufficient information concerning the lodges, hotels and locations to be visited. Clients can offer their options concerning their experiences at the Tsavo west national park in the park’s face book page. The park ensures that it works towards offering high quality and standard service to its customers at all time. The Tsavo west national park is a place you cannot afford to miss in your tour around Kenya.