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Sport Safari


Sport safari in Kenya is one of the greatest tourism offers that the nation has for visiting sports enthusiasts. Sport safari in Kenya is world renown for its interesting nature as well as the sporting prowess as a nation. The Kenyan populace engages in numerous types of sporting ventures. The country’s name has become synonymous athletic prowess. The nation’s sports men and women have been known for setting and breaking records world over in different sporting events, especially in athletics. A part from engaging in international athletics competitions such as the Olympics, Kenyans have also participated in other famous sporting events such as the Boston and London marathons.

Internationally the nation has also shone in various events such as the Rugby sevens, where the nation has curved a niche in the sport, not only in the continent but also in the world. Apart from the internationally recognized events Kenyans also participate in various other numerous sports, both locally and internationally. This love for sporting implies that the nation has plenty to offer in sport safari in Kenya. Sport safari in Kenya may take various forms which include watching various sporting events such as the off road rallies that are carried out annually, various rugby events organized under the Tusker sevens and different marathons such as the Lewa marathon that goes through Maasai Mara reserve.

The sports safari Kenya offers big games that one could directly participate like the marathons or some that one could simply watch such as the safari sevens and the off road safari rallies through rugged terrain. For a sporting traveler, sport safari in Kenya has plenty to offer beginning from the coast of Mombasa where one could go for fishing and diving sports to the Mountain peaks of Mt. Kenya where one could go for mountain climbing. A part from the conventional sports that are famous world wide, sport safari in Kenya also offers culturally born and distinct sporting events such as Bull and cock fighting in Kakamega, and donkey and dhow racing along and streets and beaches of Lamu, which is a very culturally rich Kenyan island of the coasts of Kenya.

For active sports participants sport safari in Kenya offers various options, among them the golfing experience next to the beaches of the Kenyan coast to golf courses on the foot of mount where one can go golfing while watching the beautiful scenery on the mountain’s back drop. Sport safari in Kenya also offers other interesting water sports at the coast and on its major lakes. These active sporting activities offered by sport safari in Kenya may include wind surfing, swimming, deep sea diving as well as fishing. All these water sports are very well organized and interesting for lovers of water based sports .For visitors seeking inland thrill there are various options that sport safari in Kenya can offer, and these include forest runs, mountain climbing and races through the wilderness in athletic events as well as watching the locals engage in cultural sports such as wrestling.

Clearly, sport safari in Kenya is a charming thing, and this could easily integrated in to your safari across the nation regardless of where you are destined to board as a sports enthusiast on a safari to Kenya. Sport safari in Kenya in cheap and at times simply included at no cost as part of your services while boarding or off the wilderness, and whenever you have to sign up for sport safari in Kenya, the fee charged is relatively low. If you are planning to visit the nation and you are a sports enthusiast; do not forget to have your package offered some opportunities in sport safari in Kenya for a wonderful sporting experience.