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Cultural Safari In Tanzania


A cultural safari in Tanzania consist of a number of days staying in local guest homes, absorbing the ethnicity of the people who have stayed in the area for more than five years and eating local cultural food. Everyday is usually spent visiting and trekking farms, local projects and houses. When one decides to visit cultural safari in Tanzania, he or she have all meals in small restaurant and where they are likely to spend their nights in clean and simple local homes. A cultural safari in Tanzania provides one with the crucial Tanzanian holiday and experience Tanzania’s rich mixture of culture, wildlife and activities.

Whether one decide upon climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain, a comfort lodge safari to ngorongoro cave, visiting the selous game park, visiting Serengeti safari (hot air balloon) or calming on wonderful Zanzibar beaches, one will have a recallable or memorable experience. When one decide to have a cultural safari in Tanzania, in the first day the visitor will meet the representative who will welcome you at arusha airport and take you to Serengeti lodge where you will spend your night. In day two, after taking the breakfast, one will be taken to tarangire Animal Park which is the third biggest national park. In this park, one will have the picnic lunch, then carry on with the wildlife watching and finally have dinner and spend the night at this lodge.

Cultural safari in Tanzania is good because one will have a chance to visit Mto wa Mbu (masaai village). Here one will be able to socialize with real masaai community where one will enjoy their life style and short singing or dancing performance. After visiting this unforgettable cultural safari in Tanzania experience, you are taken to the great rift valley in ngorongoro where you spend your night and take your dinner there. In the morning you then visit eighth wonder of the world “ngorongoro crater” which is famous in the world.

This crater is a residence of the unusual black rhino and has its soda lake. When one decide to have cultural safari in Tanzania in this place, one is likely to see hippos, elephants, flamingoes, lions, rhinos, zebras, many birds, antelopes because it is the peak concentration of undomesticated animals. People who visit cultural safari in Tanzania experience a lot of things because they also come across homo erectus and homo habilis where the doctor Leakey’s discovered. This will bring important understanding of the cultural safari in Tanzania such as evolution of the earth. People should plan and have enough time to visit Serengeti Animal Park which is well known flora and fauna sanctuary in the globe, for its beauty.

Cultural safari in Tanzania is the best adventure one will ever have because for the first time visitor will always enjoy the natural world 4th wonder and many nearby gems. Cultural safari in Tanzania gives the challenge of mountain climbing, a trekking cultural safari in Tanzania mountains such as; Kilimanjaro, udzungwa, ngorongoro and many others. If you want to have a cultural safari in Tanzania, you should not hesitate to contact us directly, for our cultural safari consultants will assist you plan your own personal cultural safari in Tanzania, choosing from the large range of places to trip cultural safari in Tanzania. With Tanzania safari you will have fond life history of Tanzania.