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Birding Safari In Kenya And Tanzania


Kenya and Tanzania are the ultimate destination for your safari, ecotourism and adventure travel. Birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania is the best spectacular region for bird watching of the various species that is from the tiny Amani sunbird to the Somali ostrich which is eight foot tall, from the elegant flamingoes found in rift valley lakes to the carcass eating vultures and the snake hunting eagles. When having a Birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania you are able to view the 124 color plates depicting all the 1114 species in Kenya including variations by sex, age and subspecies.

Birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania is enjoyable to the incredible variety of nests that are build in the open by the weavers, the starlings shine resplendent window birds dance in the air and the bright Turacoes that are strangely camouflaged in the trees. In order to have a good view of the birds when in your birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania you can visit the Maasai Mara, lake Naivasha, Samburu national park, Mount Kenya, Amboseli national park, Ruaha national park, Usambara mountains, Kilimanjaro, Lake Eyasi, Lake Natron, Lake Victoria, Arusha national park and many other places. All this places provide habitats for birds.

During birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania the species of birds that you are likely to come around are the Williams lark found in the northern Kenya that is in the black larva desert near Marsabit and the stands of Barleria shrubs found in the rocky larva areas in north east of Isiolo. The Sharpe’s Longclaw found in the short grassland in the highlands of central and western Kenya. Hindes Babbler that are in central Kenya and they are approximately 500 with their inhabitants being in the foothills around east and south of Mt. Kenya. Other types of birds that you may see in the birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania are the Taita thrush found in Taita hills and Mount Kasigau in the southeast of Mt. Kenya, the Aberdare Cisticola which are located in the grasslands near the Aberdare.

When on a birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania you can visit Lake Nakuru and Elementaita where you can see the flamingos and some other species of birds but these places are well known as habitats for flamingos. One of the joys of having a birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania is that sheer diversity of the species and habitats forces someone to visit a real range of areas. Birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania, the avifauna of Tanzania includes 1108 species, which 23 are endemic, 4 introduced by human 43 are rare and 36 are globally threatened.

The top species that are you can see in during the birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania while in Tanzania are vultures, secretary birds, eagles and hawks, ground hornbill, giant kingfisher and many other species. The alkaline Lake Natron located near the national parks provides feeding ground for the flamingoes. Mt Kilimanjaro vegetation zone allows the species diversity for eagles, pigeons, parrots, sunbirds etc. the ecology of Kenya and Tanzania offers the best immensity of the birds as there is no other place in the world that can provide such diversity. Birding safari in Kenya and Tanzania is the top most and popular birding destination and birding paradise that are bound to visit.